About Us

Sweat Equity Infrared Saunas is San Antonio’s first PREMIER Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna studio!

Our boutique-style studio offers a variety of unique infrared sweat seshes including infrared yoga/Pilates/deep-stretching virtual classes, Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna cabins, private “MIRROR” personal training to compliment your sauna session, Infrared Cocoon Pod, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Vitamin/Amino Acid IV drips & Injectables, along with other options like the Somadome Meditation Pod, compression therapy, and red light therapy! All of our clients get Reverse-Osmosis, Alkaline water complimentary with every session.

We’ve created a destination, an experience, and a lifestyle.

Sweat Equity specializes in everything Infrared and complimentary services that offer a modern approach to holistic wellness. This is for anyone looking to sweat out toxins, heal injuries and illnesses, and improve their overall Mind/Body health. Sweat Equity’s infrared technology revolutionizes ancient and traditional healing methods to provide clients with modern solutions to everyday problems.

Our Values

SERVE: Serving our community is very important to us. Supporting local schools, charities, organizations and small businesses to grow a happier, healthier San Antonio is a vital role that we will play in our community.

WELL-BEING: Well-being takes priority at Sweat Equity. Our commitment is to Recover, Restore and Replenish bodies and minds, one client at a time.

EMPLOYEES: Exceptional Employees = Exceptional Service. Educating and empowering our employees is the driving force to better serve Sweat Equity’s clientele as well as themselves.

ASPIRE: We aspire to cultivate a community that puts their health first in an environment that is non-judgmental, caring and empathetic to everyone’s needs.

TRUST: Clients can trust the safety and effectiveness of our services as each offering is the GOLD STANDARD in the industry.

Owner, Operator, and Boss Lady

Heather O’Neill has been in the fitness industry since 2006 and is the 1st franchise owner of CryoFit since 2017. Along her journey with CryoFit Alamo Heights, she was the first of the franchisees to open an infrared sauna which proved to be so successful, all the other CryoFit studios followed closely behind her. As clients filled up the time slots for the infrared sauna, Heather looked for other options to keep up with the demand. That is how Sweat Equity Infrared Saunas was born.

After traveling extensively to the East and West coasts to learn more about the infrared business, she took a leap of faith and is opening the first Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna studio in San Antonio in Jan 2020. Heather is a force in the San Antonio community as well as the philanthropic community. She loves spending time with her two teenage boys and her husband Sean. You can also find her teaching or participating in a kick-a$ class at JoyRide Cycling Studio.

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