Infrared Saunas are a modern take on an ancient ritual dating back to over 2,000 years ago. The benefits of sweating are well documented and numerous. However, a full-spectrum infrared sauna experience is different from a typical sauna because it warms the body directly instead of depending on heating the air around you.

Reserve your full-spectrum infrared sweat session today for the deepest detoxing experience available in San Antonio. Choose from a solo sweat or bring up to three friends to use our four- person sauna.

Benefits of Using our Infrared saunas Lower inflammation
Detoxification Boost your immune system Calm your nervous system Pain relief
Collagen boosting Anti-aging effects Skin purification Improved cellular health Improved circulation

IV Vitamin drips and injectables

The human body is amazing. When properly hydrated and receiving all essential nutrients, it can easily tackle everyday demands. Sweat Equity has partnered with San Antonio’s leading provider of IV vitamin drips and injectables to make sure all our clients are getting the most out of every day.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, reinforce your immune system, or simply overcome the challenges of a long night out, one of our licensed medical professionals will prepare and administer a drip or injectable from a menu of multiple formulas designed to keep you at your best.

We've partnered with CryoFit Alamo Heights to offer these IV and injectable services. Call or come by today to learn more!

Benefits of IV Vitamin Drips & Injectables Improves complexion Reduces signs of aging Decreases recovery time
Increases ability to fight off cold and flu
Increases energy
Improves rest and sleep Can aid in digestion
Enhances mood and cognitive function

Reinforces immune system and metabolism

ozone IV infusions

Ozone Therapy is designed to give your body a natural boost, promoting healing and cell regeneration. By increasing the amount of oxygen in your body, ozone therapy can supercharge your immune system and help you feel your best. And the best part? It’s all done using medical-grade ozone generated by a special device.

Ozone IV Therapy is a game-changer for anyone looking to strengthen their respiratory system, stimulate their immune system, rejuvenate their skin naturally, and reduce inflammation. Your 45 minute session will be administered by one of our registered nurses who’s been trained to administer ozone therapy intravenously.

Don’t wait to experience the incredible benefits of ozone therapy. Try it for yourself and see why so many people are raving about this natural, effective treatment!

Benefits of Ozone IV Infusions Decrease chronic pain Increase blood circulation Improve mental clarity
Help regulate immune system help
Increases energy
Improved nutrient distribution
Reduce inflammation
Contributes to healthier skin
Promotes Healng

Contrast Therapy with Cold Plunge

Contrast therapy is a centuries-old technique used globally by elite athletes, fitness fanatics, and anyone interested in general wellness. Romans used contrast therapy by moving from cold water pools to heated water pools. Often referred to as “Nordic Cycle Therapy,” contrast therapy is founded within two concepts; vasoconstriction and vasodilation.

At Sweat Equity, you’ll experience contrast therapy by spending up to 30 minutes inside a powerful full spectrum infrared sauna at temperatures as high as 158 degrees. After your sauna session, you’ll transition into a cold plunge tank at a temperature of 46 degrees for at least 2 minutes. During your first contrast therapy session, a trained team member will guide you through simple, yet powerful breathwork (inspired by Wim Hof) that allows you to calm your mind, oxygenate your blood, and sharpen your senses.

Benefits of using our Contrast Therapy: Improved immune function
Increased energy levels
Reduced stress & anxiety
Improved sleep patterns
Pain reduction
Decreased inflammation
Elevates serotonin levels
Increased HGH production

INFRARED sauna Yoga/movement room

If you’re looking to take your yoga, stretch, or mat Pilates sessions to the next level, we invite you to try the only full spectrum infrared sauna room in San Antonio that provides complete privacy and an unequalled sweat! Sweat Equity worked directly with the leading infrared sauna manufacturer in the United States to design this one of a kind experience.

An absolute must for anyone wanting to combine the benefits of exercise and infrared sauna, take a 30-minute private virtual class or stretch out in the largest infrared sauna facility in San Antonio.

Private Infrared Room Available for You: Gentle Yoga Yoga Flow Mat Pilates Deep Stretch


Featured in our 2-Seater Infrared Sauna, red light therapy (photobiomodulation) will take your experience to another level!

Benefits include: reduction of chronic pain, skin rejuvenation, collagen boost, tissue regeneration, muscle recovery, testosterone boost, and reduced inflammation. Call today to set up your red light tower sweat sesh!

Cocoon Wellness Infrared Pod

Once you lower the lid on the Cocoon Wellness Infrared Pod, you will quickly find out why both wellness practitioners and sauna enthusiasts call this their favorite well-being modality. Choose from a range of programs tailored specifically to your needs.

The Cocoon Wellness Infrared Pod incorporates wellness technologies such as dry heat, vibration massage, aromatherapy, Himalayan salt air and jade stones. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Sweat Equity is excited to bring this wellness option to you!

Benefits Improve sleep quality Boost growth hormone levels
Halotherapy that strengthens the immune system

Reduced water retention
Weight management

Accelerate healing process
Reduces pain from injuries

Detoxification & skin cleansing
Significant calorie burn

Compression Therapy

Sweat Equity’s compression therapy is a wellness hug for your lymphatic system! We are proud to offer compression pants that deliver clinical-grade pneumatic compression directly to all the major areas of your lower body. A 20 or 30 minutes session will increase lymphatic drainage to your lower back, glutes, legs, feet, core and hips. Similar to compression boots but extending to your entire lower body, our compression pants sequentially change pressure from your feet, all the way through your core using 8 separate compression chambers.

Sweat Equity’s compression pants can precisely detect how much pressure is being applied to your lower body which can prevent dangerous over constriction while providing the optimized level of inflation and deflation in a given time. Come by our location in downtown San Antonio and experience how our compression pants can help you lymphatic system!

Benefits of using our Compression Therapy: Decreases swelling & stiffness
Relieves muscle fatigue
Reduces lactic acid
Increases range of motion
Enhances lymphatic drainage
Removes waste products
Improves flexibility
Reduces muscle soreness

NAD+ Infusion therapy

NAD+ is found in every cell in the body and is essential to life. As we age, NAD+ levels naturally decrease within our bodies. Habits such as overeating and excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to a decline in NAD+. Low levels of NAD+ have been linked to health issues like premature skin aging, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and vision loss.


Boost natural energy levels Increase cellular repair rate
Improved mental clarity Anti-aging benefits
Improved metabolic function Reduced fatigue & brain fog
Pain reduction Reduced inflammation

Somadome Meditation Pod

Sweat Equity is excited to be the only business in Texas offering this incredible experience to the public. Somadome is a unique technology-enabled meditation experience for novices and advanced Mind-Body-Spirit practitioners alike. During Somadome sessions, guests will experience the scientifically proven benefits of meditation along with the healing properties of Color Therapy, Binaural Beats and Microcrystalline Tiles. In a world full of noise and distraction, our Somadome will provide a much-needed sanctuary of wellness.

Benefits Lowers blood pressure Increases serotonin Boosts immune system Enhances creativity Increases focus & creativity Decreases tension related pain Decreases anxiety & insomnia Increases intuition Increases memory Facilitates insights
Helps with speech & communication