Contrast Therapy

What is Contrast Therapy?

Hot Cold Contrast

Sweat Equity is proud to present a profoundly unique experience to San Antonio and its surrounding area. Experience the intensity of transitioning from an infrared sauna directly into a cold plunge within a private suite. Often referred to as “Nordic Cycle Therapy”, contrast therapy has its foundation in two concepts; vasodilation and vasoconstriction.

Vasodilation is caused by heat and increases blood flow from your core and throughout the body. Vasoconstriction occurs in the cold and triggers the body to pull blood from the extremities and into your core, circulating around organs and oxygenating the blood.  Moving from vasodilation and vasoconstriction creates a powerful effect, which may include decreased inflammation and pain,  enhanced immune function, focus and clarity, and a reduction in anxiety, depression, and chronic stress disorders.

What Are the Benefits of This Type of Hot / Cold Practice?

Ice Natural Bath

Contrast therapy combines two of the most powerful bio-hacks available today; infrared sauna and cold plunge. Studies suggest that contrast therapy increases HGH (human growth hormone) production, reinforces your healthy brown fat supply, and spurs an elevated level of the “happy brain chemicals” commonly referred to as D.O.S.E.; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

Although not a comprehensive list of of benefits, here are some of the more recognized benefits that you may experience with contrast therapy:

  • Raised production of human growth hormone (HGH)
  • Enhanced mental clarity & cognition
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Burns Fat and Helps You Lose Weight
  • Helps You Reduce Stress
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Boost Your Mood
  • Improved Sleep

What to Expect During Your Session

Detox Sweat from Sauna

Sweat Equity is one of the only places in Central Texas offering contrast therapy in a private suite. We understand that not everyone wants to experience this type of therapy in front of other customers for many potential reasons. Our contrast therapy suite allows  you to have a private experience without any unwanted attention. The only time you will have someone with you will be during your initial visit with us, and only when going into the cold plunge after the sauna. This allows us to walk you through some very important breathwork and protocols. After your initial visit, you may continue to have us guide you through the cold plunge or experience it all to yourself.

Although clothing is optional in the infrared sauna, we do require that you transition to wearing a bathing suit inside the cold plunge. We’ll have plenty of towels available to help you transition. Additionally, you can be confident the water is cleaned and purified with our non-stop filtration, infusion of ozone, and use of silver ions via a mineral stick at the bottom of the plunge.

Everyone’s experience will be different and times may vary, but a contrast therapy session typically follows these steps:

  • Step 1: Spend up to 30 minutes inside our two-seater infrared sauna where your blood flow will increase as your body heats up and you’ll have detoxifying sweat; ridding your body of unwanted toxins.
  • Step 2: Exit the sauna, pause for mindfulness, and put on your bathing suit. Once ready, you will ring the bell (required for first-time visit) and one of our staff members will guide you through entering the cold plunge.
  • Step 3:  Once inside the cold plunge, your body will route blood from your extremities to your core. You will focus on your breathing and spend anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes immersed in our cold plunge.
  • Step 4:  You will carefully exit the cold plunge, dry off and pause for mindfulness before transitioning out of the private suite; refreshed, refocused, and present.

Here's What You Need to Do Next

Experiencing contrast therapy through an infrared sauna and cold plunge can be a game changer for people both physically and mentally. If you are looking to treat yourself or others to the best bio-hacking modalities San Antonio has to offer, call Sweat Equity at (210) 375-5319 to set up your appointment. Sweat Equity is conveniently located in central San Antonio and we’re excited to show you the benefits of contrast (hot/cold) therapy as well as the many other therapies such as NAD+ Infusion Therapy that are available to you. We are standing by to get you on the schedule and look forward to seeing you soon!

Additional Resources on Contrast Therapy and Cold Plunge

Sweat Equity is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding contrast therapy and we look forward to walking you through your first session. If you are interested in learning more about contrast therapy, please call us or come by our downtown San Antonio location. Also, below are some additional resources that may help your understanding of contrast therapy:

Cold Shocking the Body: Exploring Cryotherapy, Cold­Water Immersion, and Cold Stress
by Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D.

Benefits of Using a Sauna and Ice Bath Together
by Michael Kummer

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