Coronavirus INformation

My Dearest Sweat Equity Clients,
(cue the music…)
We are beyond excited to announce our Re-Opening on Friday, May 15th at 7am! This has been a tough time for all of us and we are so READY to take care of YOU! Keep your kids at home and run away from your house as fast as you can. Sweat Equity is YOUR space to relax, detox, energize, and move your body. Come sweat out some serious Post Traumatic Covid Stress and release the bullshit. We got you. 

We do need to put a couple of rules in place, but at this point who cares what has to happen. We will be open. Social distancing will apply, but Sweat Equity is huge so this is no biggie. Also, we will only be taking pre-booked appointments until restrictions loosen up, but guess what?… The schedule is open so start booking away! And, if you want to be extra smooth, you can pre-purchase services to make checkout completely contactless in the “pricing” tab. 

Again we CAN’T WAIT to see you all sweaty and happy! Until then….stay sane. 
Heather ONeill, Owner

Sweat Equity services are now available for purchase through the MindBody App – 15% of all gift card purchases will be donated towards Be The Good Kind for grab + go meals prepped by local chefs to be given to community in need in the San Antonio Area!